Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hope it shall pass soon..

I am having a very bad time ..I don't know what to do , and so , I am away from blogging all this while !!In fact I am hating to blog , because it isn't helping me ! Nobody can , except for those few and damn , they are the reason for my pain ! I am so very upset , so very ...My career died one and half years back and now I was trying to focus on starting everything afresh , anew but ...The biggest problem ( or for that largest problem Indian girls face ! ) is my family opposition ..I am getting sick and tired of it ! Why do I always have to prove my point ! They are my family , then why the hell should I prove them EVERY TIME ? Cant they simply trust me or at least give me freedom of expression of my thoughts and desires ...SO what if I am not like them , it isn't my fault ! Damn man , sometimes , I just hate this ..I love my freedom a lot , more than anything in the world ! and probably that's why they feel happy and proud to keep me caged a dog , who should wag a tail at whatever they say ??? Disgusting ! I am a dog that will remain silent , and if you poke in too much would bite you !

And on top of all this , my best friend broke up with me !!! OMG ! What the hell is happening ..Ok I am not so much hurt for the break-pup but seething under rage for his silly misunderstanding which he don't even bothered to clarify !!! I tried to contact , but that bloody ( and I am getting all bad words ..because no one has ever hurt and broken my trust so much a shim ! ) sounds too busy and ignoring me ! Such a *%&^$#@!*. Ah , I no more believe that a guy and a gal can remain best friends ! No ...all that they can think is love !!! Damn ! Damn all those bloody minds who cant and don't know to maintain and have faith on friendship and friends !!

Everyday I get up , trying to forget my past , concentrating my present and future , but it hurts a lot ..I know this all shall pass , but these incidents have broken my strong faith on few things that I am deeply shattered ..Not a soul around me knows what I am going through ..To all them , I am their goody-goody friend , who is happy and crazy and kiddish ...And all are blind to see those invisible tears ! And they call themselves as my friends !

F**k yaar !! The world is nothing but a f***ing place ..All the people just use you for their purpose ! i have lost faith on relationship , any relationship for that matter !! I just hate it !! It make me feel as if I am an alien here !! Oh God , I know all this will get over , but please please help me !! I need you , though I know you are beside me ! I am just living clinging to the hope that everything will be soon end up , and you will make me stronger much more , and wont ditch me - making me feel lonely and alone !!


Narrator said...


I can have some idea about what you are going through... my career suffered a severe blow even before it cud take off... My position has nt changed a bit since the day I left my college.. and I have been bearing all this... society pressure, selfishness, the frustration.. thankfully my family and close frnds ate standing by me.. I think thats nt the case with u and dats y u r crumbling under pressure... Even I have such moments when I feel like blast myself but this is nt the solution.. Our time will definitely come... ye waqt guzar jayega have faith


DiDo said...

It gets really frustrating...wen ur career dsnt go the way u planned... even m on the down side on the career front.. trying to start afresh but all the doors are locked... removed a lot of frustration on the blog.. but now i've surrendered ...surrendered to fate...!!!

dont worry babes.. they say best things comes wen we least expect them.... maybe sumthing better is planned for us... thts why we arent getting the good ones..

all i can guve u rite now is a big huggggggggggggg hope tht helps :)

An Unknown Writer said...

I understand how it feels when your family doesn't understand the things and when all the things look like a big NO but remember one thing, it's your right to be upset, it's your right to even cry for one full day but the next day you wake up ...fight back like a princess. Remember any one can handle normal situations but god gives twists only to those whom he believes "deserving for higher place". It's your duty to not let him down :)
I hope u will do great, all d best!

Chatterbox said...

All my thoughts have already been wonderfully shared by the people before me.

I so dearly wish that things shape up for good at your end.

May the hurt, the pain and the feeling of being low soon give way to cheer and hope.

Take care :)

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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